Karl Meltzer's Record Breaking Appalachian Trail Run

Karl Meltzer's Record Breaking Appalachian Trail Run


Take an athlete from a niche sport (ultrarunning) and propel his name recognition far beyond endemic media using his latest attempt at breaking the Appalachian Trail thru-hike speed record. Also, take the resulting documentary to mainstream national outlets who have never covered ultrarunning.


Have media track and cover Karl’s progress during the attempt, set up a corresponding media tour post-record to bring him and the project national recognition. Months later, launch the corresponding documentary “Karl Meltzer: Made To Be Broken” to outdoor and mainstream media, driving consumers to stream the content.


“Smashing the Appalachian Trail Speed Record With an Ultra-Distance Legend”


“At a time when 'endurance running' no longer means mere marathons — and even 100-mile races are attracting the masses — Karl Meltzer has proved he can suffer longer and faster than almost anyone else”

“2,190 Miles, 1,102 Hours, 348,000 Calories, and 1 World Record”



Both the A.T. record and movie campaigns yielded an overwhelming media response including trending stories in iconic print outlets like the NY Times and hundreds of thousands of views from new media outlets like Great Big Story. Overall, the project has over 100 million media impressions and counting.

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